Impact Issues 3

Just click on the unit title to see the Study Guide for that unit. Print or copy/paste the information, put it in your notebook, and use it to prepare for class. If you have any problems accessing these files, please let me know:

1 Cosmetic Surgery

2 Friends or Lovers? (Additional handout for movie, When Harry Met Sally)

3 I Don’t Care

4 Rules, Rules, Rules

5 Plagiarism

6 Housework

7 The Unborn Child

8 Earning Money

9 Body Art

10 Adult Children

11 Naomi’s Dilemma

12 No Place Like Home?

13 Career Choice

14 Save Our Country

15 High-tech Toys

16 A Woman’s Place

17 The Art of Compromise

18 Can War Make Peace?

19 One-sided Love

20 My Split Family

These topics are not included in the current edition of the textbook, but can be discussed if the class finds them interesting:

A - Beautiful Men

B - I Can’t Say No

C - Embarrassing Mother

D - Always Late

E - Secret Romance

F - Domestic Violence - Staying Together

G - Drinking Workers

H - A Good Parent

I - A Way to Escape