20 My Split Family
high/low blood pressure
blood sugar
put up with
joint custody
child support
marriage counseling
couples therapy
extramarital affair
cheat on

What kind of advice would you give to Kevin?
Have you or any of your friends been in a situation similar to Kevin’s?
How might Kevin’s parents make the situation easier for Kevin to understand and get through?
When do you think parents should/shouldn’t get divorced?
What would lead you to get a divorce?
The textbook gives some ideas about how the government might reduce the divorce rate on p. 89. Do you think this is an appropriate area for government involvement?
Western cultures believe in the idea of “responsibility to oneself.” What do you make of this?
Why are divorce rates so much lower in Japan than in many Western countries?
What are the  divorce laws in Japan? What do you think of them?
How will an increased divorce rate affect the future of the family and Japanese society?
Other experiences, stories, research...

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    divorce trends in Japan
    international divorce rates and trends (beyond what you find in the Culture Corner)
    reasons for divorce
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