19 One-sided Love
secret admirer
obsessed / obsession
infatuated / infatuation
invasion of privacy
boundaries (cross boundaries)
have a crush on someone
have a thing for someone

What would you do if Kevin were your friend?
Is this a social problem or a legal problem? At what point should the authorities be notified?
How are Kevin’s feelings for Marie different from love?
How would you feel if you discovered you had a secret admirer?
Have you ever been the victim of a stalker? What did / would you do?
Have you ever been a stalker? Explain & discuss.
When does “being interested” become stalking? Look at the examples in A on p. 84 of your textbook and discuss.
How private are you? What information or parts of your life do you feel are private? (phone, address, etc.)
How easy is it for a one-way attraction to develop into infatuation or obsession?
How does falling in love change a person? What about you?
What are some good ays to meet new people?
What are good ways to ask for a date?
Dangers and concerns about dating.
Date horror/success stories?
Other experiences, stories, research...

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