2 Friends or Lovers?
friend - boyfriend - girlfriend
platonic (Plato, platonic forms, Plato’s Cave) <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plato’s_allegory_of_the_cave>
opposite sex
“just friends”
hook up
(seeing) somebody / see other people
break up

What is your advice for Akira? For Keiko?
What would you do in his/her situation?
Have you or has someone you know been in a similar situation? Explain.
Is it possible for men and women to be “friends”? Look at p. 16 of the textbook.
Is your best friend a man or a woman?
How difficult is it for you to separate your platonic and romantic feelings separate?
What makes a good friend? A good boyfriend/girlfriend?
Would it be a problem for you if your partner’s best friend were of the opposite sex?
In keeping friends and lovers separate, do you think there is a difference between men and women?
Other experiences, stories, research...

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Recommended movie:
When Harry Met Sally,
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