17 The Art of Compromise
honeymoon period
gender roles
deal breaker

What is Cheryl’s complaint about Keith? What do you think about that?
What is Keith’s complaint about Cheryl? What do you think about that?
Are there such things as men’s and women’s jobs?
What basic expectations do you have about the person you might marry? Think hard: time, abilities, communication, decision making, work, child-rearing, fidelity, honesty, cleanliness, etc.
How accepting will you be if he or she doesn’t meet those expectations?
Can people change? Is it OK to expect or ask them to?
How much will you be able to compromise for your spouse? How much will you expect him or her to compromise?
What things might make you difficult for another person to live with?
What are “deal breakers” for you when it comes to serious relationships?
How many of the items listed in A on p. 76 of your textbook would you be able to compromise on? Discuss.
Try using the stories on p. 77 of your textbook for role plays:
    A. Yao and landlord
    B. Sang-ki and car dealer
Other experiences, stories, research...

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