16 A Woman’s Place
maternity leave
paternity leave
raising _______
reverse discrimination
support / supportive
out-of-date  / old-fashioned
gender roles
day care
alternative lifestyles

What’s your reaction to Dr. Lee’s views?
She says men and women are naturally suited to different tasks. What do you think?
How can society balance the need for families and the needs of individual women for career fulfillment?
How can a company balance male and female employee benefits and responsibilities when one considers maternity issues?
How can a woman balance the needs of her career, children, and husband?
Each day has 24 hours. Plot out an average working day for a woman with both a demanding career and a family.
More women in Japan are choosing careers outside the home. What problems does this solve, and what problems does it create?
How do different cultures approach solutions to these problems?
How necessary do you think it is for young children to spend time with their mothers?
Look at “Sharing My Ideas” on p. 73 of your textbook. Discuss your “ideal mate” with your group.
Role plays: Boss with a male and female worker; Husband and working wife
Other experiences, stories, research...

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Kramer vs. Kramer <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kramer_vs._Kramer> and

Working Girl <http://snipurl.com/3fkd4>
Melanie Griffith had a fling with stardom in this Mike Nichols comedy about an executive secretary (Griffith) who can’t get her deserved shot at upward mobility in the brokerage industry. Hardly taken seriously by male bosses, things aren’t really any better for her once she starts working for a female exec (Sigourney Weaver, never more delightful), a narcissist with a boy-toy banker (Harrison Ford) and a tendency to steal the best ideas from her underlings. When Weaver’s character is laid up with a broken leg, Griffith poses as a replacement wheeler-dealer, flirting with Ford and working on a new client who doesn’t suspect the deception. Nichols brings a lot of snap and sass to Kevin Wade’s smart script about chafing against class restrictions and perceptions. Sundry scenes are played quite charmingly, especially those of Griffith and Ford’s mutual pickup in a bar and Joan Cusack’s championing of Griffith’s crusade. Nominated for Best Picture, Director, Actress (Griffith), and two Supporting Actress awards (Weaver, Cusack); Carly Simon’s song “Let the River Run” won the Oscar.