6 Housework

division of labor

man's work / women's work



two income family


gender roles

macho (from Spanish, machismo - it doesn't mean what you think)

couch potato

  1. What's your advice for Hye-Jin? Is i the same as Dr. Moon's?

  2. Is Dr. Moon's advice useful? Why or why not?

  3. Housework is women's work. Agree or disagree?

  4. Is there such a thing as man's work / women's work?

  5. How is the at-home and outside-the-home work divided between your parents?

  6. How different do you think your future life will be from that of your parents'?

  7. What housework do you hate the most? The least?

  8. Complete the chart on p. 32 of the textbook. Compare and discuss with your group.

  9. What fair system for sharing inside (housework) and outside (job) work can you devise?

  10. How would you adjust to living with a partner from a culture in which men did a significant portion of the housework? How would it differ if you lived in Japan or in that other country?


  12. Do you think it is easier to be a man or a woman in Japan? What about other countries?

  13. Hye-Jin writes a letter to an advice columnist for help. Have you eve done this? Do you know anyone who has? Do you think it's useful? What would you do in a situation where you needed advice? Who would you go to?

  14. Other experiences, stories, research...

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Research starters:

How much house work do Japanese men do? What about in other cultures? What is the current trend?

Cuban law concerning housework