C - Embarrassing Mother
mid-life crisis
over the top
go to extremes
overdo something
second childhood (senility, dementia)
roles - gender, age
act your age
age is just a number
you’re only as old as you feel

What is Risa’s complaint?
Do you think Risa has a problem?
Do you think her mother has a problem?
What advice would you give Risa? Her mother?
How do you think your fashion and lifestyle will change as you get older?
Is it important to “act your age”? Why or why not?
Imagine yourself at 30, 40, or 50? What do you see? How will you change?
People in Western countries are much less conscious of age differences than they are in Japan. How might you feel living in such an environment? What kinds of problems might someone from one of those cultures have in Japan?
As a parent, will you be more of a friend or an authority figure to your child?
Other experiences, stories, research...

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