14 Save Our Country
nationalism / nationalistic    
patriotism / patriotic
ethnocentrism / ethnocentric
fascism / fascist
right wing
left wing
fear mongering
immigration / immigrant
homogeneity / homogeneous

Who do you agree with, Shingo, Anna, Iris, or Mark? Why?
Do you think foreigners in Japan are a threat to the country?
Do you see or hear of ideas like Mr. Ware’s in Japan?
How about in history?  (Hint: see pictures below.)
In what historical situations have immigration and scapegoating been issues? (worldwide, not just in Japan)
One obvious solution to Japan’s aging society is immigration. Why is this so rarely supported?
What do you think about the levels of immigration to Japan - too little, too much, or just right? Explain and discuss. (Be sure to have the facts - see “research” below.)
Do you consider Japan a “nationalistic” country? Xenophobic? Why might some people think so?
Look at the chart on p. 64 of your textbook. What different ethnic groups take each of these jobs in Japan?
What rights and responsibilities should legal non-Japanese residents  have in Japan? (taxes, voting medical insurance, pension, etc.)
How easy is it for a foreigner to become a citizen in Japan? Should it be easier or more difficult?
Do you think Japan is a good country for foreigners to live in? Why or why not?
Other experiences, stories, research...

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Research: immigrants/foreigners in Japan: how many, trends over the years, future...
Research: What rights and responsibilities do foreign residents have in Japan?