18 Can War Make Peace?
military aggression
human rights
human nature
lizard brain
evolution / evolve
Make Love, Not War

What would you do in Rims situation? Do you think he’s being naive?
Many countries require young people to give several years of military service to their countries. What if Japan had such a requirement? How would you feel about having to serve two years in the Japanese army?
How realistic is it to believe that all international conflict can be solved by negotiation?
When is war justified?
“Some people are fundamentally evil.” Agree or disagree?
How “natural” is war? Is it a basic element of human nature? What is more “natural,” war or peace?
Discuss the topics introduced in A on p. 80 of the textbook.
What do we know about current conflicts in the world?

How do we know what is true? One of the hardest things about forming opinions about war is trusting the information one receives. For example, there was much misinformation given to the world about “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq before NATO and the US deposed Saddam Hussein. Where do you get your news? How trustworthy is the news you get?
When is violence justified? Under what conditions would you resort to violence? (Example: Self defense, to protect a child...)
What words, actions, and strategies do you use in times of conflict with others?
Other experiences, stories, research...

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You probably know why August 6 is an important date. What is significant about these dates?
August 15, 1945 http://snipurl.com/cgsv9
December 7, 1941 http://snipurl.com/cgsya
December 9, 1937 http://snipurl.com/cgt04
What is Gwangbokjeol (August 15)? http://snipurl.com/cgt1q

United Human Rights Council  http://snipurl.com/cgt3e

The Manhattan Project: http://snipurl.com/cgt6r