D - Always Late
punctual, punctuality
tardy - tardiness
indicative / indicator

Do you agree with Duksoo’s father?
What is your advice for Duksoo?
Do you know anyone like Jinhee? Are YOU like Jinhee?
What would you do if you had a boyfriend or girlfriend who was always late?
How often are you late for personal appointments?
What is the latest you have been for an appointment? What happened?
What is the longest you waited for someone?
How often are you late for classes?
How late are your teachers for classes? How do you feel about that?
Do you think always being late is a little thing or a big thing? Explain.
Do you think people can change? (Jinhee’s tardiness, for example.)
Remember that ideas about time are often very cultural-specific. What do you know about other cultures’ ideas of time?
How late for each of these events is acceptable? What other examples can you think of?  Discuss.
group presentation
meeting with teacher
date / meeting with friend for dinner
date  / meeting with friend  for movie
study session
overnight travel
shopping with friends
shopping with parents

Other experiences, stories, research...

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