4 Rules, Rules, Rules

(get/be) fed up with
put up with
(be/go) out with
obey / obedient
behave / behavior
early / late teens
juvenile delinquent

What do you think of the situation between Ramona and her mother?  Is her mother too strict? Is Ramona being irresponsible?
Is this familiar to your situation with your parents? What about brothers or sisters?
What kind of rules did you have when you were a teenager?
Do you think your parents were strict or lenient? Do you now wish they had been stricter or more lenient?
What kinds of rules o you think are appropriate for children in their early teens? Older teens? How much freedom should they have?
Look at the problems on p. 24 of the textbook. After discussing which you think are serious problems and which are not, talk about effective ways for parents and their teenage children to solve the problems.
Have you changed a lot since your early teens? In what ways?
How easy is it for you to discuss your problems with your parents?
What were some of your hard times as a teenager? Did you go to anyone for help? Who?
How can parents help make it easier for their children to discuss their problems with them?
Other experiences, stories, research...

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