8 Earning Money
victimless crimes
escort service
not comfortable
倫理的 [りんりてき: RINRITEKI]  ethical.
道徳的 [どうとくてき: DOUTOKUTEKI]  ethical, moral

Is what May is doing “wrong”? Why or why not?
Is what she is doing hurting anyone? Think carefully.
Is this a type of work that you could do?
What about the jobs listed in the textbook on p. 40 (A)?
How do you decide what is right and what is wrong?
Jobs you would like/dislike - why?
What is important to you about a job? What are your job priorities?
Questionable ethics:
        environmentally damaging dumping
        selling faulty goods
        selling insurance that doesn’t pay benefits
        lying to new recruits
        lying to customers
        lying to other businesses
        lying to the government (ie taxes)
        falsifying safety records
        threatening people - customers or clients
What are the highest paying jobs in Japan? The most popular?
Compare your ideas with the jobs listed in the Culture Corner.
Other experiences, stories, research...

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Below is a chart used to help people determine what their priorities are for a career. Ask me about how to use it if you’re interested.