12 No Place Like Home?
take advantage of
culture shock
“go native”
patriotism vs. nationalism

Do you think you would react to living in a foreign country more like Chip or Dale*
Why do you think is causing Chip’s reaction to living in Japan?
What experiences have you had visiting or living in foreign countries?
What kinds of discussions have you had with foreigners visiting or living in Japan?
What do you think is hardest for foreigners trying to adjust to life in Japan?
What would be hardest for you to adjust to if you were to live in a foreign country?
How proud are you of your country? Complete the questionnaire on p.56 and discuss with your group.
What do you consider the best things about Japan? The worst thing?
Choose another country - what are its best and worst things?
Other experiences, stories, research...

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More on Culture shock -  Chapter 15 of Us and Them, by Tony Silva
Bonus joke: Chip and Dale