Impact Issues 2

Just click on the unit title to see the Study Guide for that unit. Print or copy/paste the information, put it in your notebook, and use it to prepare for class. If you have any problems accessing these files, please let me know:

1 First Impressions

2 Traffic Jam

3 Who Needs the Local Language?

4 Getting Ahead

5 Forever Single

6 What Are Friends For?

7 What’s for Dinner?

8 Cyber Bullying

9 Taking Care of Father

10 Why Go to School?

11 An International Relationship

12 Too Little, Too Late

13 Ben and Mike

14 Governmemt Control

15 Living Together

16 Size Discrimination

17 Who Will Help Them?

18 Finding the Right One

19 Dress for Success

20 A Mother’s Story

These topics are not included in the current edition of the textbook, but can be discussed if the class finds them interesting:

A - Divorce

B - Friends and Lovers

C - Domestic Abuse

D - Doctor-Patient Relationships

E - Alive or Dead

F - Organ Donation