19 Dress for Success
provocative (to provoke)
tasteless (vs. in good taste, tasteful)
dress code
casual Fridays
dress for success
modest / immodest
conformity / non-conformity
discrimination / reverse discrimination

What do you think the problem is here: Ms. Leed? Mrs. Dudley? Mia?
What options does Mr. Nelson have?
What do you think is the best way to approach this problem?
How important is it for a high school / university teacher to be a good role model in addition to being a good teacher? How separable are these two roles?
What boundaries do you think should exist in teacher-student relationships?
What do you think of dress codes - discuss different contexts.
What criteria do you use to determine a professional’s (teacher, doctor, etc.) competence or commitment? How much do you depend on the person’s appearance?
What do you think of the dress code for teachers in the Culture Corner on p. 84 of your textbook?
Examples of inappropriate or unprofessional dress?
Consider the different cultural expectations regarding harmony and individualism and how they might affect this situation.
To what degree will you be willing to change for your job…clothes, hair, hippies, associates, religion, politics, etc.
How tolerant of unusual dress should a school or company be of clothing dictated by religious custom? Culture? (turban on a flight attendant, burka on nurse)
Would you consider a woman’s wearing revealing provocative clothing a form of sexual harassment?
Situations when you have been affected by a dress code?
Other experiences, stories, research...

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