16 Size Discrimination
discrimination (to discriminate)
eating disorders
anorexia nervosa / anorexic
reverse discrimination

What are your thoughts about Alicia’s new way of thinking?
Is it a person’s right to live an unhealthy lifestyle? Why or why not?
How much government control should there be in our lifestyle choices? Explain.
Complete the charts on p. 72 of the textbook. Compare and discuss with your group.
Have you ever been discriminated against? Explain.
Look at the types of discrimination in the Culture Corner on p. 72 of your textbook.
Can you think of others?
Which of these are problems in Japan?
Which might be a problem in foreign countries that you might visit?
With your group, think of questions to ask your teacher about discrimination
    .How might the word "gaijin" be a discrimination problem all by itself?  
Other experiences, stories, research...

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