11 An International Relationship
prejudice (vs. discrimination)
外国人排斥 (がいこくじんはいせき)
NIMBY (not in my back yard)
ethnic purity
ethnic cleansing (Rwanda, Bosnia, WW II Gemany)
nationalism - 国粋主義、民族主義 (vs. patriotism)
subtle / subtlety
How would you summarize Akane's problem(s)?
What is your advice for Akane? For Lukus? For Akane’s  family?
How do you think Lukus' family might feel about their son’s situation?
In this situation and in similar situations, how important is “love”? (Your opinion. See p. 52 of the textbook for ideas.)
Advantages / Disadvantages of international marriages. Biggest of each. Why do you think so?
What about you? Your family?
If you were going to marry a person from another country, would you prefer to live in Japan or in his/her country? Explain and discuss.
Few countries make “international relationships” as big an issue as does Japan. Why do you think this is?
Role play: Assume roles of Lukus, Akane, and their family members and try to act out what you think their meetings and discussions would be like in different situations.

Other experiences, stories, research...


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List of interracial romance films https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_interracial_romance_films

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