C - Domestic Abuse
emotional abuse
physical abuse
domestic violence
Stockholm syndrome
put up with
push someone’s buttons
blaming the victim

Do you think Ali was justified in killing Moon?
What do you think causes domestic violence?
How can domestic violence be reduced or eliminated?
How should a victim of domestic violence try to solve his/her problem?
Why is it so difficult for victims of domestic violence to leave their abusers?
How much responsibility does the victim bear for staying? For killing?
How common is child abuse?
How common is parental abuse?
How common do you think husband abuse is?
Can you think of some examples of emotional abuse?
Own experiences with domestic violence or abuse? Solutions?
Own experiences with other kinds of violence or abuse (bullying). Solutions?
Other experiences, stories, research...

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Tracy Chapman
Behind The Wall <http://snipurl.com/3ec1v>

Last night I heard the screaming
Loud voices behind the wall
Another sleepless night for me
It won’t do no good to call
The police Always come late
If they come at all

And when they arrive
They say they can’t interfere
With domestic affairs
Between a man and his wife
And as they walk out the door
The tears well up in her eyes

Last night I heard the screaming
Then a silence that chilled my soul
I prayed that I was dreaming
When I saw the ambulance in the road
And the policeman said
“I’m here to keep the peace
Will the crowd disperse
I think we all clould use some sleep”