6 What Are Friends For?

hit it off
get along with
depend on
rely on
hang out (with)
loyalty (vs. royalty)
open up (to)
let someone inside
draw the line
close friend
work friend
high school friend
male friends
female friends
same-sex friends


  • What would you do in Kwan's case?
  • If you were Sang-Gi, would you be able to ask Kwan directly for help? Is it easy or difficult for you to ask friends for help? Explain & discuss.
  • What kind of help or loyalty to expect from friends? Be specific. Make a list if that helps. Also, check the items listed on p. 32 of your textbook.
  • What are the limits of what you would do for a friend? (Where do you "draw the line"?)
  • Have you ever ended a friendship or had a friendship end? How and why did that happen? Share your stories.
  • Is it easy for you to make new friends? Why or why not? What are some good ways to meet new people and make new friends?
  • Which is your preference:
    - one best friend
    - several good friends
    - a large number of acquaintances
    - some combination of the above
    Explain and discuss.
  • What qualities do you value most in a friend?
  • How are friendships different from romantic relationships?
  • Foreign residents in Japan sometimes say it's difficult to make friends in Japan. What advice would you give them?
  • Other experiences, stories, research...


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