3 Who Needs the Local Language?

in theory
hegemony (形式的)
"time is money"
rat race
cultural literacy
lingua franca
bilingual (uni-, tri-, quad-, multi-)


  • Do you think more like Richard or Peter?
  • What does it mean to be "international"?
  • How international do you think you will become because of your major? What about your study of English?
  • Besides language, what is necessary to learn in order to understand another culture?
  • What do you think about visitors to Japan who don't try to understand the local customs and language? What about Japanese visitors to other countries who don't try to understand the local customs and language?
  • What other countries have you visited, or are you planning to visit? Did you or are you planning to study those places' local languages?
  • What advantages are there to learning a foreign language?
  • How do you think technology will change the way people learn foreign languages? (online classes, keitai apps, computer translation, twitter, facebook, Skype, etc.)
  • What tech solutions have you found that help you understand or communicate in foreign languages?
    Is it possible for a non-Japanese person to speak Japanese too well?
  • How do you think foreign language education in Japan can be improved?
  • What methods are effective or ineffective for you in your learning of foreign languages?
  • Why English? Take a look: http://tony-silva.com/eslefl/whyenglish.html
  • Other experiences, stories, research...


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