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downloadThis is where you'll find hundreds of articles from newspapers, magazines, and the web to help you with your research and class discussion preparation.

There are sections for pronunciation, listening, and reading classes, as well. Just click on the image at left or on the link below.

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New: Class Blogs

Study Guides for Impact Issues 1, Impact Issues 2, and Impact Issues 3


Here are the study guides for the individual units in each textbook. Just click on the textbook you're using. Careful - don't confuse these textbooks with the older Impact Topics, Issues, and Values, above.

Sample Preparation Handout

Extra research material from the publisher

Extra opinions on video from the publisher

Intercultural Communication –
Survival Skills


Here are the Survival Success Workbook, blank workbook pages, and study guides for our discussion topics. Click on the image at left to be taken to the Survial Success Workbook page.


Intercultural Communication –
Us and Them


Here are the Us and Them text and audio files. Click on the image at left to go to the Us and Them page.

Reading-Writing Classes
Osaka City University


Sample Reading Journal Entries

Sample Book Report (Student)

Sample Book Report (Tony)

Also, check the Reading section on the Student Download Page

Reading Classes

Listening Classes

Pronunciation Classes

My collection of resources for the Listening, Reading, and Pronunciationcan be found on the general download page.





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