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Dictionaries and Reference

American Heritage Dictionary
Miriam-Webster Dictionary
Longman Online Dictionary
Cambridge Online Dictionary
Your Dictionary
Computing Dictionary
Etymology Dictionary
List of specialized dictionaries

Roget's Thesaurus
Wikipedia (E) / Wikipedia (J)
Virtual Reference Desk
Internet Public Library

Japanese <-> English Dictionaries
Jim Breen's E<->J Dictionary
Online E<->J Dictionary
Jeffrey's E<-> Dictionary
Bidirectional E<->J Dictionary
Babelfish translation Use with caution!
Google translation Use with caution!

ESL Exercises and Fun

Best Sites for Learning English NEW
ESL Web Guide
Hungry for words
English Daily
ESL Independent Study Lab
English Learner
Eigotown - More short quizzes
Business English Exercises

Simple online quizzes
EigoQuiz (registration/login required)
Various activities and links
More interesting activities


eigoTown podasting - short stories NEW
Voice of America for English Learners NEW
Online listening comprehension
Cyber Listening Lab
Listening Quizzes and Activities
Public Broadcasting Corporation
American National Public Radio
Randall's Cyber Listening Lab
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
British Broadcasting Corporation
Yahoo! Radio Programs
iTunes Podcasts
The Lyrics Library
Lyrics Download
Internet Movie Database
All Movie Guide


Reading Exercises and Sources (for ordering books in English)
Foreign Buyer's Club (English books in Japan, CHEAP)
Short self-study quizzes
Short stories online
Timed Readings about Computers



Online Writing Lab
Vances' ESL: Writing and Composing


Other Useful English Study Links

Tower of English
Huge site with lots of activities
Time to get YOUR Master Degree in teaching English (new)