Professional Services


Proofreading in Osaka

Quality academic and technical editing and proofreading you can trust.

Hi, and welcome to Proofreading in Osaka. My name is Tony Silva. I am a university English language instructor who has been living in the Kansai area for over twenty years and doing professional proofreading for over 15 years. I have written professionally for magazines in the United States, both in print and online, have published textbooks, other fiction and non-fiction, and teach advanced writing classes at several universities. My clients have included Onkyo, Panasonic, Document Experts Network, and various other companies and individuals (academic papers and dissertations). You can learn the details of my background by downloading my CV.

My rates are competitive, the work is done right, and I can work as closely with you or as independently on your project as you wish. I can provide you with simple proofreading or more involved editing and re-writing. Because of my extensive experience with Japanese writers of English, I am especially sensitive to the unique challenges and problems they face.

In addition to proofreading and editing, I an also assist with more personal tasks, such as resume and CV preparation.

Please email me with a description of your project for a quote on timeline and prices.

Mac Maintenance and Repair

Macs are computers, and hence they will occasionally act up. I can help you when that happens. Email me with a description of the problem (include as much information as you can) and I'll determine if it's something I can do or something best left to Apple. Remember to take full advantage of your regular warranty and Apple Care, if you've purchased it.

House visit - ¥10,000, plus transportation, plus minimum one hour rate (¥6000). That's if I need to visit you; if you can bring the machine to my home, only the hourly rate will be assessed.

Phone consultation (over ten minutes) - ¥5000. I really hate the phone. Try email to help me determine IF I can help, then let me get to work. Time on the phone is both our time wasted, and unnecessary stress for me.

Hourly - ¥6000 pro-rated to the nearest half hour; that is you get a potential 29 minutes free, and I'm not a jerk about this. In fact, it's my hope we can solve your problem with a few emails. And that will cost you nothing.

Email me.

Web page design, construction, maintenance

Initial consultation is free, to determine what your abilities and needs are. You may not need me or your needs may be beyond my abilities. Start by finding examples of sites you like and by thinking HARD about what you want and how hard you want to work maintaining a web site. Rates are the same as above, for Mac Maintenance and repair. Email me.

Podcast basics

I'll soon be launching a podcast ( co-produced with Prof. Charles Wiz. I've learned a lot about the basics of recording and producing a podcast, enough to help you with the basics. I'll be able to help you determine the tools you'll need, the way to get the cleanest recordings with the smallest files, etc. Rates are the same as above, for Mac Maintenance and repair. Email me.

Personal Appearances

It may be that after looking at the things I've been doing and the projects I've worked on, your group of teachers or Mac nerds would be interested in a live in-person presentation. Rates will vary widely depending on preparation time, transportation, and accommodation. Virtual on-line appearances are also an option. Topics can range from Mac to technology in education to teacher development. If you're interested, email me.