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Spring 2016

Korea: Seoul and the Demilitarized Zone An eye-opening and educational first visit to Korea. We only had time to see Seoul and Panmunjeom at the border, but every minute was packed. 한국어, 감사합니다!


Summer 2013

This annual visit home was all about the cars. And family. And friends. Here are just a few shots of Chicago, including the visit by Alison, her father Lee, and his wife Laura. Alison will have some of her superior shots linked here soon. Most of my Chicago pics were taken with the iPhone 4. The Chicago tour was bracketed by trips to Detroit for the Dream Cruise and a pilgrimage to Elkhart Lake for the Vintage Races. There Bill snagged us a suite at the famous Ostoff Resort, which was also the site of the concourse. Great weather, great friends, great times.

Detroit Dream Cruise


Elkhart Lake WI

March 2013

Destination Detroit. Hammer down. Cars, planes, motors, coney dogs, and plenty of beer. Jacuzzis, steak, topped off with Motown. And a whiteout blast through Indiana on the way home. Just what I needed before boarding JAL 009 to Narita, seemingly hours later. The pics. The summary.


Presentations in Vladimir

Alison and I both made presentations at the University of Vladimir, and Alison did much more at the American Home. We have only a few photos, as we were both quite busy.

August – September 2012

Russia - Россия

Yes, it's taken a while. Now you see why. A the left, you'll findifferent galleries for different parts of the trip.

It's worth your while to hunt up other photos of the Moscow Metro stations, as they are truly amazing. Here's a start.

If you want to read my short account of the trip, you can find it in the archives of last year's web posts under September 14.






Vladimir - Владимир

The site of The American Home, the English school Alison helped set up in 1992. Its twentieth anniversary was the catalyst for the trip. Gracious hospitality made this a very nice welcome to Russia. More on Vladimir.

suzdal Suzdal - Суздаль

A short day trip to a fairy-tale tourist spot not far from Vladimir. The landscape on the way up looked all the world like southern Wisconsin. More on Suzdal.
moscow Moscow - Москва

It's Moscow. What can I say? More on Moscow.
stpet St. Petersburg (Leningrad) - Санкт-Петербург

A sense of place as deep and pungent as Moscow's, but totally different. More on St. Petersburg.
car St. Petersburg Automobile Museum
Fellow gear-heads only, as fascinating as it sounds. Shots of a few other on the street vehicles, too.
citizen Citizens of St. Petersburg
A short video/slideshow of random shots of the people of St. Petersburg. Taken from the window of a downtown cafe we stopped in to get in out of the rain and enjoy some wine.

March 2012

Vietnam - Japan is excellent preparation for the mix of old and new, the contradictions, and, sadly, the noise.


March 2012

Cambodia - A wonderful place full of wonderful people and a very sad history.


February 2011

A short escape to Guam. The pictures tell the whole story...the only complaint is the brevity of the visit.


January 2009

Another short overnighter, this to a monastary in Koyasan, Wakayama. Snowy, cold, vegetarian fare, pre-dawn prayers...don't ask. But some interesting snow pics, not a frequent opportunity in Osaka.

December 2008

A fast overnighter to Miyajima/Hiroshima with Alison's Dad and his wife. Great weather throughout.


February - March 2008

Bienvenidos a Mexico! Two weeks exploring west central Mexico, begining and ending in Puerto Vallarta, including a pass through my father's birthplace, La Barca, Jalisco.

February 2008

A virtual tour of our neighborhood and a peak inside the domicile, as well. A look at Japan you'd never get unless you came all the way over to visit. Look forward to your comments and questions. (And please pardon all the typos.)




March 2006

Finally, the honeymoon: two wonderful weeks in Sicily, complete with tire-scrubbing on the old Targa Florio route for me, a few days in Paris for Alison, and exquisite food, food, food.

December 2005

Alison's mother, Heather, visited us in Japan for the holidays. Wanting to ensure the daughter was well taken care of, I guess. We took the opportunity to take our first trip to Hiroshima, with an island hop to Miyajima. Also tossed in are bits of Christmas, Shogatsu, and even a birthday. A great time had by all, even the cat.

But where are these places?



November 2005

A few of (mostly) Alison's shots from a short trip to Mino for momiji...maple leaf viewing, the Japanese equivalent of fall colors. Sake and sweet maple leaf tempura complete the day.



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