A basic but thorough rundown of what the Westerner can expect when involved in Japan-style meetings. Preparation, etiquette, strategies, pitfalls, and cultural notes are all covered. The American author has lived in Japan for over twenty-five years and spent much too much of that time in meetings there. He's taken what he's learned and condensed it into an enjoyable and easy to read ebook.

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ISBN: 9781311497109

About the Author

Tony Silva is an American from Chicago, Illinois, who has lived in Japan for over twenty-five years, with much too much of that time spent in Japanese meetings. He now teaches at several universities in the Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto area, including Osaka University, and is co-host and co-producer of the Two Teachers Talking podcast. He is the author of several textbooks, short stories, and reams of formal ESL/EFL research. In his spare time he plays with new tech, listens to music, and daydreams about his former (and future?) hobbies, including motorcycling, automobile racing, and karate.


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Us and Them: An Intercultural Communication Textbook for Japanese University Students and Their Teachers