Paper topics

(Of course, you can always get your own ideas from browsing through the articles on the download page. )

Reconciling a sustainable planet and Japan's need for more children: your opinion. (Save the planet or save Japan?)

Comparison of education system in any two countries; your opinion.

Comparison of women's status in any two countries; your opinion.

Butterfly effect; unintended consequences. (Environment, technology, politics, society, education.)

Teaching styles: analysis, compare/contrast, applications, your opinion.

Cloning: plants, animals, human. Organ regeneration, not just replication, too.

Genetically modified foods: saving the world or science gone mad?

Technology and education: good and bad as you see it. Your idea of ideal balance. What more tech in education would mean

Technology and reading/publishing: how ebooks, cell phones, tablets, etc. are changing reading. How does the medium affect our reading: hand-transcribed book, printed book, photocopied book, book on web page, PDF or Doc on computer, ebook on KIndle or iPad, ebook on phone...

Technology and social structure, norms, communication, etc. How is technology changing society and/or personal relationships. (Mixi and Facebook; Cyberbullying - 2 related suicides in 2010.)

Weaknesses and strengths of Japanese education system, and how it can be improved.

The job market for university graduates 2010 vs. 1990 or 2000. How is it different, what does it mean?

Changing social values in Japan: 2010 vs. 2000, 1990, 1980, or 1970 (only one)

Changes in family, education, immigration, women in the workplace, male-female relationships (courtship and marriage)

Gay marriage

Care of the aged in a weakening economy

Meaning of fashion in different cultures or in different eras (not just differences in fashion). Maybe difficult.

Compare/contrast two different company business models. Starbucks, Uniqlo, Microsoft, Apple

How government policy (2 countries?) affects us: nutrition, smoking, education, families, jobs, environment, ecology

Energy: conservation, alternate sources

Problems in the Mideast: Christians, Jews, Muslims

Domestic violence / date violence / date rape

Treatment of the physically challenged / emotionally or mentally disabled in different countries

China past/present/future

Tattoos and piercing - body mods; limits?

The Cove: Saving Japan or Japan bashing?

Animal rights: pet abuse, animals in research, humane harvesting